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Kaiya Pelletier



Kaiya PelletierImagine for a second that you're on a road trip, traveling through the back roads of America. This isn't just any road trip, but rather a road trip to leave the chaos of life behind for a moment and do some major soul searching. On a trip as important as this, you want music that's powerful, soulful and full of raw emotion - something that reaches inside you and moves you to the core. That's what Kaiya Pelletier's music does.  

Growing up in Austin Texas, Kaiya was immersed in the local music scene even before she could crawl. Her mother tried to fill her ears with all different genres of music, from Patti Griffin, The White Stripes, Spoon and lots of old school classics from Dylan to Bowie. Her first real concert was watching Mick Jagger thrust across the stage in all his glory with the Rolling Stones. Now at 18 years old, Kaiya has taken all this melodic wisdom and is creating her own life as a singer songwriter and recording artist. Her passion for music is undeniable and now when she sees a performance on stage in front of thousands, it's herself that she envisions up there. No doubt she's an old soul, having lived some of lifes major hardships already at such a young age. But she takes from those experiences and creates unique poetic masterpieces through her music. 

When she was 15, while living in a tent out in the woods with her mom and two dogs, Kaiya picked up an old guitar her grandfather had given to her. She began teaching herself how to play and wrote songs about being strong in life, about having courage to not stand idly by and accept the mundane. She continues to write about things that we connect with on a deeper level, things that matter because her voice has made them apparent and real. 

Since moving to Portland three years ago, Kaiya has been playing live shows in and around the area. She has just recorded her first debut EP, with renowned producer Adam Selzer, which features six original songs. "Some emotions are so powerful that they can completely change a persons perspective on life, which is what happened to me and ultimately this has lead to me developing, not only as a songwriter, but as a person. This idea inspired the title for the album, 'Full of Creatures'." If you enjoy such bands as Fleet Foxes, Florence and the Machine and Jack Johnson, you'll love this incredibly talented young woman. 


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